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To models grammars of dialects of coding genes

Eingorin M.

UNN name N.I. Lobachevsky, 603136 Nizhny Novgorod, e-mail:

2 pp.

Three-dimensional constructions – a codonogram and aminograms of dialects [1-3] – were revealed and constructed in papers based on known fundamental biological regularities (for more detail see [4, 5]). They formed the basis for exposing new fundamental regularities of grammars of gene coding. Structural relations between nucleotides and their parameters in the codonogram and between amino acids and their parameters in an aminogram are determined. A table for systematization of amino acids is compiled. A possible variability apparatus caused by redundancy implied in aminograms of dialects is presented. The secondary coding of the codonogram due to redundancy of aminograms has revealed the presence of regular latent coding layers of genes (LCL) in DNA, RNA and mRNA.

The report deals with systematization of the presently known dialects [5]. If a codon is written in the form of X1X2X3, in which Xi (i=1-3) correspond to nucleotides T,A,C or G; 20 amino acids are denoted by Aj, j=1,20, and the elementary codon group (ECG) is represented by X1X2(A1,A2,A3,A4) [1-4] with the corresponding amino acids (covers) along the X3 direction of the aminogram, one may write down all different covers for ECG for all presently known 17 dialects. If the codonogram has 16 or 24 ECG, then 23 of different ECG with (S) coincident for all dialects and 25-8 with non-coincident (N) covers were found. If S and N are inscribed in the plane X1X2 of the codonogram (ECG), a surprising symmetry is found out (see Table). In the whole Table the number of S and N is equal to 8. The square I3 contains only S of ECG for all dialects, the

II3ж X1↓ X1↓ X1↓ X1↓ еI3

X2→ N N S S ← G

X2→ N S S S ← C

X2→ N N S S ← A

X2→ N N N S ← T

IV3д T ↑ A ↑ C ↑ G ↑ гIII3

square IV3 only N, while the squares II3 and III3 are mixed and contain 3N+1S and 3S+1N of ECG, respectively. At present the table is the constant of dialects or the law of systematization of dialects.

The work is demonstrates mathematical severity of a structure grammars of an alive nature.


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