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Mass-energy Balance of the Growth of Photosynthetic Organism Cells with Two Photosystems

Minkevich I. G., Fursova P. V., Tjorlova L. D., Tsygankov A. A., Riznichenko G. Yu.

"Математика. Компьютер. Образование". Cб. трудов XVI международной конференции. Под общей редакцией Г.Ю. Ризниченко Ижевск: Научно-издательский центр "Регулярная и хаотическая динамика", 2009. Vol. 2. Pp. 198-211. (accepted)

A brief account of the principles of cell metabolism mass-energy balance including definition of the general unit of chemical compound reductivity, redoxon, is given. A scheme of redoxon, high-energy proton and high-energy bond balances in the metabolism of photosynthetic cells with two photosystems is proposed. Balance equations are developed from which the stoichiometric interrelations between main metabolic flows as well as the quantum biomass yield are expressed in terms of bioenergetic parameters of cells.

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