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XVII conference

Fundamental biological interaction: philosophical and logical-mathematical analysis of the problem

Astafurov V.I., Marennyy M.A.

JSC “Radiation and Ecological Investigations”, Russia, 123182, Moscow, Schukinskaya st. 40, office 301, tel./fax (8-499) 193-11-02, E-mail:

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From the standpoint of modern theoretical physics the biological processes are not principled specificity and can be modeled and described on the basis of the known laws of physics and chemistry. However, existing physical notions do not explain the origin of living structures, some features of their functioning, patterns of bio-information processes.

In this paper presents a new theoretical concept that fundamental biological interaction and natural emission of material continuum exist in nature. Due to them the life arises and is maintained under favorable physical-chemical conditions [1].

The basis of the concept on the following: experimental data on the interaction of living objects with electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range; analysis of properties of space "relict" radio emission; analysis of functional dependence, linking the fundamental parameters of hierarchical structures.

Due to the continuous generation of radiation of millimeter range in the material continuum is formed and continually reproduced wave field of a certain structure. This field provides the information relationship of living objects, and it should be called a biological field or "field of life."

The numerical value of the dimensionless constant, characterizing the intensity of biological interaction, equal to 2.26∙10-12 . The biological interaction weaker than the electromagnetic interaction 3∙109 times.

The presented concept and based on this concept theoretical model can reach a clearer understanding of the relationship of living organisms with the environment and explain the qualitative features of biological structures and bio-information effects observed. The practical effect of the model is an indication of the possibility of calculating emissions control homeostasis of living structures. This opens up wide possibilities of using microwave radiation in biology and medicine.

The new theoretical model changes the prevailing views on the origin and evolution of living forms. From the model should be an eternity and the continuity of life on a cosmic scale, and its interconnectedness with the global governance.


1. Astafurov V.I. The fundamental interaction, determining biological structures functioning // Mathematical biology and bioinformatics: Proceedings of the international scientific conference / Edited by Prof. V.D. Lakhno. – Moscow: MAKS Press, 2008. Pp. 80-81.

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