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XVI conference

Experimental researches of the combined method of elimination uncertainty and intellectual system "Vocational guidance"

Ivashina A.

27 ShChetinkin St. city Abakan Republic Khakassia Russia 655017

1 pp. (accepted)

Basic purpose of intellectual system "Vocational guidance" is professional consultation of entrants, and also information visualisation in the form convenient for the analysis of results vocational guidance of work, spent by high school.

The kernel of intellectual system "Vocational guidance" - expert system works in two modes, characteristic for all expert systems: a mode of acquisition of knowledge and in a mode of the decision of a problem. The indistinct conclusion in system is constructed on the basis of the Combined method of elimination developed by the author uncertainty, It’s constructed on the basis of methods K.Nejlor, Shortliff-Bjukenen, Dempster-Shejfer.

With 2002 author till 2007 year at Khakass technical institute – Branch «Siberian federal university» experiments on the professional consultation, directed on revealing of propensities of entrants, their professional orientation and check of the developed approach have been made.

For comparison of efficiency of the developed combined method with efficiency of the methods entering into its structure, at their independent application, following experimental researches of coincidence of the recommended speciality are spent:

- with a speciality on which the entrant would like to arrive;

- with a speciality on which the entrant in high school has arrived;

- on three methods: K Nejlor, Shortliff-Bjukenen and Combined method.

The made experiments show that application of the constructed models of formation of the recommendation of a direction of training provides essential increase of efficiency of spent professional consultations: helps entrants to make the competent, realised choice of the future speciality, reduces quantity of the facts of an erroneous choice.

According to experts of the various trades participating in experiment, IS "Vocational guidance" essentially facilitates work and reduces quantity of time necessary for professional consultation. Processing time decreases at the expense of refusal of paper technology of testing, reduction of an operating time of the psychologist-professional adviser, at new technology he makes only specifying recommendation. Besides, the system provides coverage by testing большего numbers of entrants for the similar period of time etc.

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