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XVI conference

Innovative educational software «Alice»

Smal'ko О.

Kamyanec-Podilskiy National University, P.O.Box 319, Kamyanec-Podilskiy, 32316, Ukraine

2 pp. (accepted)

Day by day the software environments, which are used in teaching of children different educational disciplines, become more perfect, multifunction and based on many platforms.

Very interesting for teachers, in particular for providing of intersubject connections, can be software’s solutions, which combine tools of visualization of the modelled objects, programed interactivities and possibility of the use of multimedia components.

As an example of such graphic software environments it is possible to name software «Alice» (, which created by «Stage3 Research Group» (Carnegie Mellon University) and allows designing the virtual 3-D worlds, interactive games, animated stories without special programmer abilities.

«Alice» is the opened freeware, works in the different operating systems — «MacOS X», «Windows», «Linux». This environment is intended for teaching in a playing form to bases of the object-oriented programming. In «Alice» it is possible to create various 3D-projecs, with ready or imported, for example from «3D Studio», models, using animation, sound-effects and object’s transformation. All necessary facilities of development, presentation of the created 3-D scenes in browsers, collections of 3D-models, examples of various projects it is possible to find in the Internet.

3D-worlds, created in the «Alice», which modeling various processes, what, for example, be going in nature on micro and macro levels, it is possible to use as educational demonstration models, to place on web-sites, to import into the other software’s.

Such models, which can be examined «in a microscope» and from every sides, help children to study in all details the features of processes, what be going on really.

Correctly created in «Alice» projects by senior pupils during their study of bases of the object-oriented programming, school’s teachers can be effectively use for support of educational activity on the lessons of botany, zoology, chemistry, geography, history and other school disciplines. Therefore the use in the educational process of innovative software environments as «Alice» is very perspective.

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