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XVI conference

Studing with pupils of lichenes of Volodarsky of area of the Astrakhan region

Dzhumagalieva N.Kh.

Astrakhan State Technical University, Russia, 414056, Astrakhan, Tatischeva st., 16, Tel.: (8512) 614395, e-mail:

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Now the science about lichens studies a difficult complex of the problems connected with occurrence, a structure, systematisation, distribution, ecology lichens. Preservation of a surrounding environment is the important problem facing to a modern society with which it is necessary to acquaint pupils. Increasing anthropogenous influence on environment leads to negative changes of structure, efficiency and functioning of ecosystems and biospheres as a whole. One of ways of studying of a state of environment is the morphological analysis. Therefore, adhering to a position in training of schoolboys, it is expedient to attach them to the work concerning ecology.

Research objective was current state studying lichens and consideration of its features, carrying out morphological analyses, studying lichens concerning to certain habitats. Lichens, unlike the higher plants, it is possible to collect for a herbarium all year long, than and schoolboys at the first stage of research activity were engaged. It is collected a herbarium from 30 samples who are defined on chair of biology and plant ecology of the Astrakhan state university that has made 23 kinds concerning 10 families, 13 sorts, from which 11 new kinds for Volodarsky of area. 12 kinds of rare lichens for Volodarsky of the area, disappearing and subject to protection are defined.

Pupils with interest and responsibility have concerned a problem facing to them. Having collected a material, they have got acquainted with variety of kinds of lichens of district in which they live. As accounting work schoolboys have prepared own presentations.

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