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XVI conference

Development of spatial imaginational in senior pupils

Gigimova O.M.

Астраханский технический колледж, Россия, 414004, г. Астрахань, ул. С. Перовской, 96, тел.: 8(8512)348002, е-mail:

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Development of spatial imagination at lessons and during after-hour time is helped by studying and construction of polyhedrons. «The theory of polyhedrons, in particular convex polyhedrons, – one of the most fascinating heads of geometry», – considers L.A.Ljusternik. At construction and studying of properties of figures pupils use such cogitative operations as the analysis and synthesis, supervision, comparison, analogy and modelling, and finally, at them develop creative abilities, imagination which is directly connected with supervision. In the course of designing direct supervision, and also scientific supervision (the object of knowledge is described, properties which then are used at the decision of geometrical problems are fixed) is used. Making Platonovy of a body, Kepler-Puanso bodies, pupils make mental, physical and symbolical modelling.

At manufacturing of models of difficult spatial figures before schoolboys there is a problem of definition of the optimum linear sizes and sizes of corners. Besides, it is necessary to consider materials of which figures are made, and to develop manufacturing techniques of models. Passing from simple convex bodies to difficult polyhedrons, pupils carry out carrying over of ways of activity from one object on another, and on the basis of analogy there is a creation new, before unknown persons it of figures. It occurs seldom, but brings to children satisfaction perfect opening, they test pleasure of creativity.

In work the technique of designing of known spatial bodies, both convex, and not convex, and also creations of original spatial figures is described. As an example products of creative activity of pupils of the senior classes of school are resulted. Our experience has shown that the work similar described, interests schoolboys and promotes development of spatial representations, thinking and imagination, design skills.

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