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XVI conference

Acquaintance of pupils to systems of co-ordinates in space as means of development of ability to be guided

Yurina V.V.

MEI «MCS № 59», Russia, 414045, Astrakhan, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 20, Tel.: 8(8512)335371

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Each person should be able to be guided in surrounding space. Pupils are convinced of it on many examples. So, the miner finds the workplace under number штрека and to development number, the commander of the ship specifies the site at boundless ocean, the astronomer precisely defines position of a star or a planet in infinite space. Schoolboys should solve a problem of search of the place in a cinema hall, in plane salon.

Preparation of pupils in this direction is promoted by their acquaintance to various systems of co-ordinates: rectangular, oblique-angled, polar, cylindrical, spherical. Experience shows that this area of knowledge is very interesting to children, they with desire are engaged in it. In any active knowledge there is a research element, it involves the pupil with ability independently to understand it unknown and to be surprised to the opening.

Research activity helps to acquire an extensive material, to use the scientific and popular literature, to compare, compare with known, to do conclusions, to formulate forecasts. Research activity concerns difficult kinds of activity and is a part of educational competence, therefore educational competence – the quality of the person which have developed under the influence of all educational areas which are accessible to the schoolboy.

For many years at our school we conduct facultative lessons with pupils of the basic school on their acquaintance with various systems of co-ordinates on a plane and in space, to the decision of various problems, including, applied character. Thus we use various methods and forms of employment. Our experience shows that the maintenance developed by us and a technique of acquaintance of pupils with in special way picked up material promote motivation of the doctrine, development of informative interest and abilities to be guided in surrounding space. In the presented work the approximate plan, the maintenance and methodical maintenance of the facultative employment developed by us are resulted.

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