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XVII conference

Future trends of the information technology

Mamedova A.A.

Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Azerbaijan, AZE 1106, phone:(99412) 561-29-72,, Narimanov 8B

2 pp. (accepted)

After signing the Bologna declaration Azerbaijan faced an important problem of transforming education system according to the European standards. One of the important factors of this process is use of an information technology for learning efficiency increase.

In Azerbaijan the government program on education system information for 2008-2012 has been confirmed. If the first program has been aimed 2005-2008 at improvement of computer base in an education system, the second - on system introduction of an information technology in training process. In this direction work on creation of an educational network – AzEduNet, uniting all pedagogical establishments of the country in uniform at a great speed the intranet-network is conducted. Network introduction is carried out by means of the leading world IT companies and allows to change a national education system qualitatively.

On servers Date-centre electronic educational resources, presentations and methodical materials of teachers will be placed. AzEduNet it urged to translate in full or in part all processes occurring in training in the virtual environment, namely distribution of materials, the publication of news and dialogue between students in audiences, individual dialogue between students and teachers and many other things.

One of the important components of a network is carrying out of videoconferences, preparation of multimedia courses which allow keeping strengths traditional and auditorium employment.

Use of computer tests in the course of training will raise quality of formation and interest training on studying of subjects, will allow to find blanks in knowledge.

Now in university "Cooperation" work on the organization and introduction of educational process in the virtual environment is conducted. During course studying «Information systems in economy» students receive skills and abilities on communication and to an information technology. In the near future, within the limits of project TACIS the project «virtual university» that will raise a learning efficiency will be realized.


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