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XVII conference

The role of computer in teaching-lerning process

Beldiga M.Gh., Banari V.

The State University of Moldova, The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer sciens, Moldova, 2019, Chisinau, Mateevici, 60 Tel: (00237)22-57-76-29, E-mail:

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In front of the monitor, moments become hours, appearing often reproaches from parents, like: “why to play in place to learn”. Software manufacturers have tried to combine this two sides and so was borh computer aided. Whether for websites or the products distributed on CD, as example this work. Acording to a study, students who use computer for learning at home, achieved higher scores than other children, is because lessons at the coputer complets teacher explanations with multimedia elements and virtual experiments. In this case students understand and retain easier difficult topics from books. The role of computer in teaching activities is becoming more important because worl is in a continuous and rapid modernization. The computer plays an important role in teaching and learning process. We live in a world where changes are made with high steps, and we must keep up with then. The computer can be used in teaching-learning of play form, drawing the children. Computer use in school has and will have a great role in the presentations of lessons, and for communication and information. A test conducted by electronic means has various advantages among which may bementioned: direct monitoring by the teacher in a virtual class, the results can be stored in databases is different draw conclusions on the evolution of each particular student and his performances can be available to test different data can be accessed repeatedly, etc., leading to an adaptable and flexible learning and assessment, as part of a complex mechanism of the educational process. Computer training is the way in which the interaction of teaching and learning, between teacher and students, is the means of this computer. Integrating computers in teaching refers to how information and tasks contained in software work is articulated with other sequences of training and responding to objectives pursued by the teacher. Proper handling of the computer itself can be done by teachers or by students, depending on the task of learning content and specific situation in which the learning. If we know how to weave the traditional with the modern lesson, if we managed to make students to participate in their training, if they educate students who will know how to find certain truths, proves that the methods used by us in the educational process were most suitable, we chose the best way. Using the computer as a tool in teaching school subjects lead to the development of critical thinking, allowing students to demonstrate spontaneous. Satisfaction of the highlights is the “Talent” to make their own creation (composition, drawing, poster).

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