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XVII conference

New information technology in a control system innovative of high school

Kapyrin P.A., Perevezentsev A.A.

Russia, 107078, Moscow, street New Basmannaja, the house 9.

1 pp. (accepted)

Basic changes in modern social and economic development of Russia demand substantial increase of creative potential and competitiveness of graduates of higher educational institutions. The decision of this problem demands realisation of a wide series of measures on perfection of system of the higher vocational training among which the special urgency is got by a problem of creation of the effective is innovative-educational environment steady, self-supported and susceptible to innovations. Formation of such environment, urged to solve a number of the strategic problems facing to the higher school, and to become one of the main sources of economic development of the country.

The innovative activity of a higher educational institution based on knowledge, should be considered as the main mechanism of maintenance of quality of preparation of experts. New, quickly varying, the market of intellectual work, causes necessity of change of an education system, demands working out of the formation new the maintenance, new technologies and training techniques.

However more often introduction of a new information technology is carried out proceeding from available means and decisions whereas global innovative problems remain behind consideration frameworks. So, in the software market the large quantity of products for automation of work of dean's office, educational management, other structures of HIGH SCHOOL is offered. The set of training courses in the various forms intended both for internal, and for remote training is developed. At the same time are absent not only standards on construction of the automated systems and systems of remote training, but even methodical recommendations about use of already developed materials. It essentially complicates use of already available operating time in purposeful innovative activity of educational institutions.

In these conditions the special importance is got by the complex approach to an estimation of already available new educational technologies and materials. The careful analysis will allow to formulate recommendations about introduction of these technologies in innovative activity of HIGH SCHOOL and to lay the foundation for creation of standards in this area. It, in turn, will allow to operate introduction for the purpose of reception of concrete, in advance certain results, both economic, and pedagogical.

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