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XVII conference

Method of teaching of the foreign language

Filipeva T.S., Kulakova M.A .1

Co Ltd «Intelligence», Franka Street, 1, Dubna, 141980 Moscow Region, Russia, 8(49621) 93212 e-mail:

1The International university nature, society and man «Dubna», University Street, 19, building 1, Dubna, 141980 Moscow Region, Russia

28(49621) 20883 e-mail:

2 pp. (accepted)

Education of young generation is important mission. We are offering to solve it across implementation innovative education.

Innovative education is oriented not only on transfer of knowledge, but it oriented on mastering of fundamental competence, that help after that to get knowledge independently. So this education should be connected with practice more closely, than traditional education [3].

Researches of modern scientists have shown that any generating natural wave makes fluctuations in a body of the person that correspond to it. The sound directly influences on the central nervous system’s work. First of all, it influences on rhythms of a brain [1,2]. It is necessary to adjust a voice on the range of frequencies that correspond to a spectrum of vocal frequencies of the concrete person to be in a resonance with biological system of bodies of the person.

Authors developed a method of harmonisation of the person at training to English language. This method is basis on sound correction of speech and system functions. The method is tested on group of trained enthusiasts during the period since 2006 till March, 2009 with using the instrument system «RUNO» showing a functional condition of all organism systems.

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