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XVII conference

Technology of processing of not formalized inquires to relational D.B. (on example the labour code of Russion Federation)

Homjakova E.M., Karp V.P.

78, Vernadsky's Prospectus, Moscow, Russia, 119454

1 pp. (accepted)

Now set of legislative documents are needed to use not only lawyers. This users and students of High Schools of legal specialties, want use legal-reference system, providing search the legal information by not formalized inquiries because for this types of users difficult precisely to formulate inquiry in professional language.

The intellectual interface provides possibility of search information with different parameters. Search in not formalized inquiries is carried out with the help of the special tables containing words, used in a DB as keywords and their synonyms. Words are ordered alphabetically, and to everyone the serial number in a DB is put in conformity. Then the table of conformity of numbers of words and numbers of the documents (articles) containing keywords and their synonyms is formed.

The algorithm of search in system into account search in keywords provides some stages.

At first the algorithm will be defined by numbers of the keywords set by the user for search in a DB, then conformity of number of each set keyword and numbers of articles containing the given keyword is established. Thus for each set keyword the list of numbers of articles is formed. These lists are preliminary - candidates for formation of the finish answer to inquiry of the user. The inquiry of the user can be set at once in several parameters of search. For formation of finish lists there is a disjunction of different values of one parameters, and then conjunction between the various set parameters.

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