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XVII conference

About introduction of gender mathematics

Klenina L.I., Pavlova E.A.

140105, Moscow Region, Ramenskoe, Kommunisticheskaja street, 7-167

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Gender researches is comparative new area of knowledge and education. They are a study social - to cultural differentiation and stratification on the sign of half. Term «gender» specifies on social status and socially - psychological descriptions are personalities which are related to the half and arise up in cooperating with other people within the framework of certain culture. From the 70-kh years of the last century he is used for marking of researches of social unequal on the sign of half. Concepts «half» and «gender» differentiate. Gender – it half in social-psychological sense. Gender is a set of cultural and behaval descriptions which determine the social conduct of women and men, by the produced society in relation to a man on the basis of accepted there rules of half.

Assertion. Gender distinctions are in life of man, since the first minutes of life.

Actually, first, that is heard by parents about the new-born child – it him or its half. Parents have different expectations and internal prejudices concerning that, how it is necessary to apply with girls, but as – with boys. In future dolls get and toy tableware girls. And boys get machines and developing games.

Determination. Will name mathematics, built taking into account gender distinctions gender mathematics .

Modernization of the school and institute of higher teaching orients teachers on the educational necessities of personality of schoolboys and students. As personality is the category of sexual belonging, then the real priorities in education open the prospects of revival and development up-to-date the differentiated going near organization of teaching and education of children and young people of different half.

Lately in «advanced» schools in initial classes tasks for girls about the count of washed-up piattis and amount of dolls practice on mathematics. Us it seems to, what maintenance of tasks does not reflect the concept of gender. It is known that women better succeed in the decision of logical tasks, requiring surplus and comparison of different variants. Therefore girls and it is necessary to teach to that turns out better for them. And it would good to begin their teaching with a chess and chess tasks.

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