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XVII conference

INMA program electronic textbooks in mathematics

Shelomovskiy V.

Deoma, Russia, phone +7926-6128204, E-mail

2 pp. (accepted)

The electronic textbook idea lies in the fact that the text of paper textbook becomes the basis, on which tasks of the same kind are created. A teacher does not require a mathematical scheme to serve as a basis of the lesson, or unchanged video. A teacher requires a kind of a semi-finished textbook where a teacher selects a necessary version from several others. Each file is provided with a text on methodology of teaching, where basic formulas, tasks and control elements of the file, recommended installations and terminology are indicated.

InMa program allows creating electronic textbooks, with the use of which interactive pictures, interactive diagrams and texts, with changeable parameters can be reproduced on the computer screen. The program content coincides with the images normally used by teachers and students on the blackboard in the educational process. The representation of formulas is designed taking into consideration appearance and disappearance of brackets, coefficients and powers when interactive coefficients are altered. Interactive formulas ensure the conclusion of the chains of conversions in the customary form, the figures in the customary notation. Program ensures the functioning of interactive points and diagrams (limitation of motion by curve, by surface, rational coordinates).

Electronic textbooks created with the use of InMa program you can see on

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