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XXV conference

The modeling of natural selection of first bio objekts

Alekseeva O.M.

N.M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, 119334, Moscow, Kosygin St. 4, +74959397409, Institute of Cell Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, 142290, Moscow region, Pushchino, Nauchnaya St., 3,

1 pp. (accepted)

At work the biochemical aspects and the any analysis of the natural selection at earlier stages of life-history are submitted. It is assumed that as one of the main factors of natural selection could serve the biologically active substances (BAS). Our data obtained when studying the BAS actions with engagement of modern experimental models and biological objects, which simulate the early stages of prebiotic objects and biological objects have been considered. BAS influences to facilities, and on surrounding environment, bringing about hereby the necessity of perfection of prebiotic structures with result of big fitness or rise tenability to bed and variable environment. These events lead to prebiotic initiation that may be followed to the improvement its and to increasing of its survival strengthening in the bed environment. As of experimental objects for structural studies of lipid-lipid interactions the liposomes were used, formed from artificial individual phospholipid, and from mixture of nature phospholipids - egg lecithin. To identify of structural rearrangement of models, which involve of protein-lipid interactions we used the erythrocyte ghosts and insulated erythrocytes. For the study of BAS influences on cell functions were used transformed cells with uncontrolled growth of ascetic Ehrlich carcinoma, and were used the normal cells - thymocytes and lymphocytes. For inspection of BAS actions, as modifiers of structure and functions of model and bio-objects, famous of their properties of stimulators the hydrophilic substances – melafen and fenoksan, and hydrophobe – IHFANs were used. Data on BAS influences, as probable factors of natural selection of different nature on increasingly becoming complicated on its organization the objects, simulating the development stages at earlier stages of life-history are obtained. BAS can be regarded, as the factors of evolution for elimination of instable structures and also as some factors for emergence of new educations or updating due to building in BAS. Obtained data could help also for texture analysis and functioning predecessors of modern cells.

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