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Questionable innovations in R&D management: the use of bibliometric indicators

Varshavsky A.E.

Москва, Центральный экономико- математический институт РАН

Анализ и моделирование экономических и социальных процессов Ижевск: Институт компьютерных исследований, 2020. 214pp. Pp. 56-72.

DOI: 10.20537/mce2020econ06

The issues of management of scientific organizations based on the unreasoned use of bibliometric indicators for evaluating the scientists’ productivity are considered from a critical point of view. The questionable method of evaluating the scientific results of scientists and organizations using quantitative indicators, adopted in the USA and other countries, where it was primarily used in universities, its negative impact on the development of science, has been noted by foreign scientists for more than a decade, offering to rely on expert estimates. The article once again recalls the feasibility of using the standard method of economic assessment of the effectiveness of scientists' work. The need to use accurate statistical data is also underlined, since the main problem for the Russian science is the negative trend of reducing the number of researchers, which differs from the global trend of increasing scientific potential; the use of incorrect data on the number of researchers in the full-time equivalent distorts the real picture. It is shown in addition, that it is important to avoid double counting when analyzing the performance of scientific activities in universities.

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