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Indicators of the main directions of socio-economic development

Aivazian S.A.1, Afanasiev M.Yu.2, Kudrov A.V.3

Москва, Центральный экономико-математический институт РАН

1доктор физико-математических наук,

2доктор экономических наук,

Анализ и моделирование экономических и социальных процессов Ижевск: Институт компьютерных исследований, 2019. 170pp. Pp. 47-60. (accepted)

DOI: 10.20537/mce2019econ04

The approach to the formation of indicators of the main directions of socio-economic development in the space of characteristics of regional differentiation is presented. At this stage of research, the basis of differentiation characteristics includes five components: the scale of the economy, the assessment of technical efficiency, the assessment of the trend of technical efficiency, the first and second main components of the GRP structure. The indicator of each direction which was built in the basis is maximally correlated with the indicator formed on the basis of the corresponding group of indicators. Eight indicators following main areas have been formed: production of goods and services, material well-being, quality of the population, quality of the social sphere, internal security. Their features and the analysis of interrelation are given. Indicators can be interpreted in terms of differentiation characteristics. Changes in these characteristics can be predicted as a result of the implementation of Federal and regional investment projects and, as a result, to assess the impact of such projects on various areas of socio-economic development of the regions. Therefore, the basis of regional differentiation characteristics is considered as a tool of project management.

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