Course "Civilian population in countering terrorism": the first teaching experience

Piloyan M.G.

THE COURSE "CIVILIAN POPULATION IN COUNTERING TERRORISM": THE FIRST EXPERIENCE OF TEACHING Piloyan M.G. Moscow State Academy of Water Transport Department of Philosophy and Social and Humanitarian Disciplines Russia, 123298, Moscow, Novodanilovskaya nab., 2, building 1 Tel: (495) 633-1600 E-mail; ..

The introduction of the course "Civilian population in countering terrorism" in some universities in Moscow (the program of additional education) became known at the end of the last academic year. An approximate work program was received, in which, based on the specifics of the institution, it was necessary to make changes. The course is long (about 120 hours), includes 5 modules that cover various disciplines - computer science, jurisprudence, psychology, history, political science, civil defense; since the academy is a branch of the St. Petersburg State Medical Academy named after S. Makarov - the issues of safety of water transport are also touched upon. The module from which, in fact, the course begins, refers to the definition of terrorism and its history, so I would like to share the first impressions of the department from his teaching.

Real understanding of the essence of the ideology and practice of extremism and terrorism, knowledge of their historical forms and their classification is really important and necessary. In order to get closer to this understanding in the short time allocated to the "historical module," it turned out to be necessary to fill the colossal gaps in the knowledge of first-year students who had just finished high school. First of all, it concerns the very notions of radicalism, extremism and terrorism: they had to be concretized in the most extreme way, because they (or not only them) have very blurred or they are not known at all. The same picture with the classification of terrorist organizations (this issue was of particular interest): for the overwhelming majority of students, the fact of existence of terrorist organizations as nationalist, racist or separatist, and "revolutionary" orientation, both "left" and "right" was unexpected. Practically unknown was the activity of the "leftists" who held Europe in fear of the 1960s and 1970s. the last century - the "Red Brigades", the RAF, etc. Almost everyone knew the name of Che Guevara; At the same time, however, no one regarded him as an ideologist and the practice of terrorist struggle (the theory of the "guerrilla hearth", which is now successfully used by radical Islamists). It is also very important to clarify the concept of "state terror", the analysis of relevant historical examples. In this connection, the monstrous ignorance of the history of foreign countries by students, and any period, attracts attention. Since under conditions of total reduction of hours for all humanitarian subjects universities can not do anything in this regard, this niche is at least a little, but it must be filled in high school.

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