Mathematical modeling of the evaporation of material during laser exposure

Latypov I.I.

Bashkir state University, 452450, Birsk, str. International,10

The report is the problem of finding the temperature distribution during ablation of the solid material of ultrashort laser pulses. Discusses the two-temperature model to describe transient phenomena in a nonequilibrium electron gas and the grating under femtosecond laser impact. Evaporated the body is viewed in the form of a thin plate and the problem is formulated as a system of one-dimensional boundary problems for the heat equation [1,4] written for the electronic and lattice components.

The original problem by introducing dimensionless variables, is reduced to solving a system of singularly perturbed boundary value problems the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions on the moving boundaries. An approximate solution which, using "geometric-optical" asymptotic method [2,3], is obtained in the form of the asymptotic expansion of the solution in the sense of Poincare in powers of the small parameters, depending on the location of the considered point to the borders [3-5].

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