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The Ancient Slavic Numeration and its Greek Origin

Dejic M.

Faculty of Education in Belgrade, Kraljice Natalije 43, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia, Tel. +381641201934, E-mail> mdejic@panet.rs

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Although the Greeks took over the alphabet from the Semites, the invention to mark numbers by the letters of alphabet is of Greek origin. The letters in Greek alphabet have got numerical values in order as they are in alphabet, that being either underlined from the above, or an apostrophe has been added in order to be clear that numbers are question. The Old Slavs used Greek marking of numbers even before they made their own alphabet as well. Therefore, mathematics was the one that opened a path to alphabet. It was enough to give phonetic values to the letters that the Slavs used as marks for numbers and arrange the alphabet writing. Both Slavic writings, Glagolitic and Cyrillic, have a certain connection with Greek writing and alphabetical order. Cyrillic completely copied Greek way of marking numerical values.

We became familiar with the Old Slavs’ way of writing down the numerals from old church books, epitaphs on the monuments, inscriptions in the frescoes , etc. The oldest monument with written ciphers dates from the year 993 (Samuilo’s inscription). The manuscript of monk Antonov from the monastery in Novgorod, Kyrika, is the oldest Slavic monument with mathematical contents . The manuscript dates from the year 1136.

We have also pointed out to direct Greek origin of writing down the numerals with the Old Slavs and presented some of the oldest cultural monuments that testify to the origin of Church Slavic writing down of the numerals. We also intercede for studying this numeration at schools , at least in the scope to which the Roman numeration is studied. Familiarizing with the Slavic culture , almost up to the eighteenth century, has not been possible without knowing the Church Slavic Numeration.


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