Conference publications

Clinical Confirmation of Metabolic Synergetics in Cardiology

Taranenko A. M., Gorbunov A. E.

"Математика. Компьютер. Образование". Cб. трудов XVI международной конференции. Под общей редакцией Г.Ю. Ризниченко Ижевск: Научно-издательский центр "Регулярная и хаотическая динамика", 2009. Vol. 2. Pp. 221-231. (accepted)

A series of clinical observations has been performed in “Peredelkino” Cardiological Center. After a three-year-long course of recovery of patients from cardiovascular disease, improvement of myocardial contractility was registered, as measured by maximum power without attack phenomena. Throughout the three-year period, a curve with progressively increasing kinetics, close to that predicted by the theory of hyperbolic nonlinear dependence, was measured for each patient. The nonlinear interaction of the improvement of the barrier function of the alimentary tract (intestinal absorption) and the medicamentous and enzymatic reduction of cardiomyopathy lead to such a strongly nonlinear effect as ‘the Kurdyumov effect’.

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