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XVI conference

Safety information on computer

Safarova S.I.

Azerbaijan, Baku, AZE 1106, N.Narimanov 8b, tel.: (99412) 4360589, 5628745

2 pp. (accepted)

The modern progress in a computerization of a society is created by the certain problems. They concern not only to computer technology, but also to information sphere of public life. The results of using computers and automated technologies are occurrence of a number of problems. The computers frequently incorporated in a network, can give access to a plenty of the diversified data. Therefore there is a problem of safety of the information. The increasing number of computer viruses and crimes can result at the end to not development of economy. Therefore global community began seriously to reflect on importance of maintenance of the complex approach of safety of the information. In process of development of information technologies and information community this problem becomes more urgent. Therefore safety of the information is a problem of any country, and all mankind. The dependence of all kinds of a community both users from information and communication technologies is more increased, the importance of safety of the information shows itself even more. So, in devoted to tasks of an information society the SAMMIT in Geneva, was told, that the information and communication technology is effective for maintenance of the world, safety and stability.

In the Azerbaijan republic of a direction of information community and its problems have found reflection in the authorized State program «Electronic Azerbaijan ", which defines the plan of action and responsibility of the users of the information. Including the safety of the information is provided and with formation with base of the legislation. The laws as «the Information, informing and protection of the information ", " the Electronic document and electronic signature", and also some orders and normative documents were accepted.

For fast reaction to negative events and illegal acts in system of safety, various kinds of computer criminality, one of the contra-indicated grants widely used in practice of the world " of a Team of the Help Above Incidents of the Computer " (Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT) was created. First in the world CERT was created in November, 1988, after virus epidemic. Now in the various countries the plenty CERT of groups works.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of our Republic will be carried out with purposeful works on an embodiment of such centers in life. In Institute of Information Technologies at the Azerbaijan National Academy of sciences, the centre CERT already began the work.

So, state, science and civil working the sections will be mobilized and are incorporated in intellectual potentials for the joint decision of the given problem.


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