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XVI conference

A reflection on the style

Barantsev R.G.

St.Petersburg, 195256, Box 59

2 pp. (accepted)

The style is a notion rather humane than mathematical. The arts style is the subject of research by arts critics and designers, the behavior is studied by ethnologists and ethologists while the creative style is studied by psychologists and philosophers. Depending on the approach, the style is treated variously – by regulating instrument, organization principle, sign of determination etc. All attempts to characterize the style, by hook or by crook, using various methods, such as approaches, principles, samples, canones etc do not yield a sufficiently total definition of such a “tricky” notion. The problem of the style more and more bears resemblance to the problem of wholeness also unsolvable via formalization. By understanding the style as a integrity of a humane figurative system we thus unite this notion with characteristic features of personality. “The style is the personality” as boldly declared George Buffon at the session of the French Academy on August 25, 1753. K.A.Swassjan feeling the dynamics of the notion, connected it with process of self realization of man by his joining to sense of life and extended the Buffon’s phrase by the words: “The style is the man who does not exist, but is looking for himself in order to be realized”.

The term “style” does not permit strict definitions. But any mathematician is also a human person, especially if he works in the educational sphere and in the process of his creative activity a style of his own is formed, as individual as his handwriting. The brighter the person, the louder the voice of the style. Bio-ethnos, according to Lev Gumilev, is characterized by behavior, while noo-ethnos probably will be characterized by style.

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