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XVI conference

Students’ and Teachers’ Thinking and Attitudes Concerning Role and Importance of Primary Mathematics

Egeric M., Mihajlovic A., Vulovic N.

Faculty of Education in Jagodina, Milana Mijalkovica 14, Jagodina, 35000, Serbia, +381642147008,

2 pp. (accepted)

In this paper we discuss students’ and teachers’ thinking and attitudes concerning role and importance of Mathematics. This study is based on data from two questionnaires from a sample of 400 students (8, 9 and 10 years old) and 180 teachers. We study some segments of organizing Mathematics lessons which influence the quality of teaching (teachers’ preparation for lessons, the way they stress the goal and relevance of learning mathematics, teachers’ and learners’ attitudes to doing homework etc.). Results of the research have been shown in the paper. This paper also deals with social evaluation of being good at mathematics.

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