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XVI conference

Ways of formins of refkective students' activity of the speciality "Mathematics" during in detail-vocational training

Zakharov A.G.

Sverdlovsk regional pedagogical college, General educational faculty, chair of mathematics and computer science, Russia, 620086, Yekaterinburg, Gurzufskaya street 45, flat. 8, Tel.: 8-912-268-00-45, a fax: (343) 368-42-10, E-mail:

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In the context of realizing the approach based on competences in vocational training the future mathematics teachers’ reflective activity is one of the important parameters of quality of their professional competence. Within the limits of developing of a methodical theme of the chair of mathematics and computer science, the quality indicators of the formed reflective activity of students have been allocated and methods of its forming are during in detail-vocational training.

So, for example, during teaching the discipline «Geometry», the methods of forming of the reflective activity of students are used:

1. Mathematical tasks of reflective character: classification of problems according to their types; classification of problems according to ways of their decisions; definition and a substantiation of a choice of the way to solve a problem; making up problems according to the given conditions; establishing connections between mathematical concepts and facts; deducing consequences of available conditions and so further.

2. Card of the analysis of the algorithm of mathematical task, including three stages: the assumption of correctness of task doing; fixing of difficulties through the offered possible reasons of their occurrence; definition of a way of the decision of the arisen difficulties. The card is filled by the student after his having dove the task and analyzed by him after check having the work by the teacher.

The generalized way of forming reflective activity is «The structure based on competences» - tools of diagnostics of basic competences. Formed by students «Structure based on competences » consists of:

1. The list of the performances organized at the college and the chair, which to lets estimate to students a degree of the own participation.

2. A diagnostic leaf – a graphic representation of the level of formed basic competences.

3. A leaf of the self-assessment and the assessment of formed basic competences.

4. An information-explanatory part - the information about kinds and components of basic competences, about levels of their expressiveness (operational-performing, organizational-technological, design-organizational) and parameters of assessments, described in R(R)C SES IPF and APF in the Sverdlovsk region.

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