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XVII conference

Automated system of knowledge verification

Korovina O.A., Karp V.P.

Moscow State Institute of Radio-engineering Electronics and Automation, field of Cybernetic, Department of Information system, Russia, 117454, Moscow, Vernadskogo Avenue 78, Tel.: (495) 4349445, E-mail:

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Modernizing automated system of knowledge assessment (ASKA) is intended for self-test passed material for students and objectification progress for the teacher. ASKA is realized by samples of parts of the history for studies of general education schools.

The main purpose of the developing is increasing efficiency and quality of education students. Structure of the system includes an educational (theory) material, which can be represented as a traditional textbook or a plug-in electronic textbook with elements of hypertext; it contains quiz with questions, which have a single a choice of each answer and two academic journals. The work of the whole system is supported by an adaptive interface.

The theoretical material is distributed to chapters and paragraphs. Each paragraph is corresponded to 5 questions, to each question is given 4 possible answers, of which only one is true [1]. The structure of educational material is presented by the framing model form, with elements of production rule system in choice of the estimate pending test session. The structure of the interface ASKA includes academic journals of the knowledge verification, where results marked after each question from the test work. The interface system contains of two journals: Self-Examination Journal for a student (Student dairy) and the Objectification Assessment Journal of level knowledge for teachers (Teacher`s journal).

During each test session, the student may choose only one version of the presented. When the student answers incorrectly, the computer notes that in journals, but the way the student does not know where is the mistake. Student reads about errors when the test is over, but the system does not indicate which of versions of each answer are wrong. If version is correct, it will be written in journals. If the student interrupts the session and moves into the interface then results in the self-examination journal would not change, and he can return to the interrupted session. Student cannot proceed testing to the next section, while he does not answer the previous questions correct. The information about of the previous attempt will be reset after retest. Results of student verification activities is included in the teacher`s journal. When student passed all of tests he got chapter mark and after all chapters – the studying course mark.

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