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XVII conference

To the question of teaching the students, who enterd the financial academy according to the results of the unified state examination, mathematics

Melekhina T.L.

Moscow, 1 Wladimirskaya str., 31-1-5.

1 pp. (accepted)

Among students studying economics as a chief subject there is an opinion that mathematics is one of the most difficult and the least important subjects. Of course quite a lot depends on the student’s fundamental mathematic training. Unfortunately, introduction of the Unified State Examination doesn’t provide the required results. One can see decreasing level of knowledge among students. Their knowledge is not systematic, superficial and disorganized ideas on many topics don’t give an opportunity to understand and comprehend the following course. In Financial Academy there are fundamental mathematic courses for first-year students. Their aim is to raise knowledge of students to the level, required for mastering higher mathematics.

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