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XVII conference

About succession of teaching of mathematics in institute

Klenina L.I., Klenina V.I.

Россия, 105835, г. Москва, ул. Красноказарменная, д.17, E-mail:

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The problem of succession in teaching of mathematics is related to the tasks of realization in the subject and between the subjects connections, with the sequence of exposition of educational material, levels of growth of his complication and difficulty, with the search of optimal forms and methods of organization of process of teaching to mathematics on the different stages of an education. A succession in teaching of mathematics is a necessary condition for providing of possibility of realization of intercommunication between presentations, concepts, abilities and skills. It is instrumental in the awareness of basic ideas of mathematics and allows to set connections with other subjects, and also instrumental in more deep comprehension and the best memorizing of the studied material. A presence of succession in teaching is to one of terms of forming of world view of student.

Scientifically - technical progress, appearance of new production technologies are the necessity of development systems of continuous education, in which mathematics. plays one of the first roles. In pedagogical science continuity of education is understood as a systematic teaching during all life: Primary school, secondary school, college, institute of higher, baccalaureate, master's degree and permanent in-plant training in the process of level activity. In the conditions of modern requirements to quality of preparation of specialists the separate aspects of succession found the reflection in the problems of teaching of mathematical disciplines at school and institute of higher. Modern mathematical education is closely related to information technologies. . Such subject as methods of calculations informative support as a program MATHCAD. And for a subject «theory of chances» an appendix is widely used MICROSOFT OFFICE, in particular, EXCEL. It should be noted that yet there are problems in realization of principle of succession in mathematics. For example, in the theory of imaginaries imaginary unit is designated by a letter i, and in theoretical bases of the electrical engineering – j.

A succession in teaching of mathematics must be saved and at the choice of personal trajectories of teaching in educational space. Development and realization of complex of the-methodical materials facilitates a comprehension and independent realization of educational and research activity students, in motion, which becoming of individual educational trajectories is.

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