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XVII conference

On forming cognitive independence of school children under the conditions of informative-enriched educational environment

Abaturova V.

Russia, 362027, Vladikavkaz, Mаrкusа street, 22, Тел. (8672) 54-75-30, e-mail:

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Cognitive independence of schoolchildren forms and developes in the proсess of work under the influence of external and internal factors with account of activity as the equivalent of inner self-determination and self-upbringing. We consider the cognitive independence to be integrative quality of a person characterizing own cognitive activity and declaring the ability of carrying out purposive learning activity for the purpose of acquiring and transforming of new knowledge under the conditions of informative-enriched educational environment.

We understand informative-enriched educational environment to be the system of specially organised informative pedagogical and material and technical resources stimulating forming and development of a person of a schoolboy by means of informative-educational interaction.

The informative component of informative-enriched educational environment is structured educational resources such as: traditional (books, textbooks, mass media, and the teacher, and so on) and IF communicative (electronic books, textbooks and teaching aids, information database, global network Internet, and electronic libraries, educational computer programs and so on).

We think the pedagogical component to be the pedagogical system of work with schoolchildren that is comprehensive secondary school, institutions of additional education, Institutes and Universities, scientific research Institutions and Academes. To material and technical basees we refer the system of material and technical means of receiving processing and transforming of educational cognitive information (a personal computer, access to Internet, a projector, interactive blackboard, and so on).

As the principle means of formation of cognitive independence of schoolchildren of profile classes of economic orientation we have developed and tested the elective course «Mathematical Modelling for Schoolchildren. Linear Models» [1], the main contents of which are linear models describing real economic processes and phenomena including linear optimization models.

The experiment showed, that immersion of the schoolchildren in informative-enriched educational environment attendance elective course (school), seminars, (school, Institute, University), Spring and Summer schools (Institute, University, school), executioning of project and research work and taking part in conferences for schoolchildren of different levels increases motivation of studies of a schoolboy and assists to develop the cognitive self- determination level.


1. Abaturova V.S. Mathematical modelling for schoolchildren. 1.Linear Models: tutorial/ Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. – Vladikavkaz: Vladikavkaz Scientific Center of the RAS and RNO-A, 2007. – 112 p.

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