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Social policy: practical effectiveness or inefficiency

Tarasova N.A., Vasilieva I.A.

Москва, Центральный экономико- математический институт РАН

Анализ и моделирование экономических и социальных процессов Ижевск: Институт компьютерных исследований, 2020. 214pp. Pp. 31-37.

DOI: 10.20537/mce2020econ03

The paper briefly describes the results of the analysis of the parameters of social policy: the policy of labor and entrepreneurial incomes and their concealment; the ratio of labor productivity and labor pay; taxes; level of social government spending; employment of the population. These results are determined mainly by indicators of the social disadvantage of Russia's social policy. Only the indicator of involuntary employment determines the practical effectiveness of employment policies at the Russian microeconomic and mesoeconomic levels of in transition and crisis periods.

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