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Population of Russia in XXI century: quantitative and qualitative characteristics

Rusanova N.E.

доктор экономических наук, Москва, Институт социально-экономических проблем народонаселения РАН,

Анализ и моделирование экономических и социальных процессов Ижевск: Институт компьютерных исследований, 2019. 170pp. Pp. 75-82. (accepted)

DOI: 10.20537/mce2019econ07

Traditionally, the value of the population as a factor of socio-economic development was estimated by quantitative parameters, but at the post-industrial stage, the characteristics of human capital came to the fore. Although the overall quantitative indicators show an improvement in the health and education situation of the population, their quality in the context of demographic ageing cannot be considered favorable due to the reduced potential of health and structural mismatch of education to the needs of economic development.

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