Economic-mathematical modeling of the labor potential of the Kirov region

Zykova I.O., Chuchkalova S.V.

Vyatka State University, Institute of Mathematics and Information Systems, Faculty of Computer and Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Department. Mathematical modeling, Russia, Kirov, Moscovskaya street, 36, Tel: (8332) 742-625, fax: (8332) 350-211, E-mail:

The labor market reflects the main trends in the dynamics of employment, in its main structures. The main concepts in describing the model of labor potential are the economically active population, unemployment and the demand for labor. During the research, a dynamic model was developed in the form of a system of differential equations implemented in the package Ithink. Changing the parameters is described by the system:

where x - the number of economically active population, y - the number of unemployed, z - the number of vacant jobs. The model will be further developed taking into account the level of education of the population and migration, as well as various scenarios for forecasting the number of labor potential depending on socio-economic factors.

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