Improvement of the building complex through IT

Goryachev V.A., Sychev P.P.

141980, Dubna, Universitetskaya st., Building 19, Dubna University.

The report on the topic "Modernization of the construction market with the help of IT" from the standpoint of a systematic approach addresses the hidden problems experienced by the participants in the construction market. It is the methods of system analysis that can not only reveal the many problems that are present in the known system, but also offer solutions to these problems.

For the first time, using system analysis methods, it was revealed that in the modern construction market, millions of consumers, contractors and thousands of suppliers face 30 serious problems each year, which without prompt decision lead to disastrous consequences in the form of spoiled property, financial losses, threats to life and health of people, administrative and criminal offenses of legislation, litigation.

For the first time, with the help of the synergy of methods of system analysis and IT methods for a global system like the construction market, 17 solutions were developed that compensate for 30 identified problems.

The material for the study on which the report is based was statistical data from authoritative sources, such as the research holding ROMIR and Rosstat. In addition to statistical data, scientific literature sources were used, for example, the work of E.N. Cheremisina, N.M. Kramarova and M.A. Belova [1].

The significance of the study on which the report is based is determined by the fact that the results obtained can be used for qualitative modernization of building relations in regions throughout the country.


1. E.N. Cheremisina, N.M. Kramarov and M.A. Belov "Practical system analysis. Building concept models in projects to improve the efficiency of organizations activities".

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