About dictionaries as a basis of education

Karyakin Yu.V., Polonskaya M.S.

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In what situations do we turn to dictionaries? We are looking for explanations in them, how to understand and use words. Dictionaries help you to learn how to speak, write and understand speech. Dictionaries form the basic knowledge of the language, formerly they showed indisputable authority in the interpretation of the word. Today the situation is different: there are many dictionaries, many interpretations of a certain word. Historically formed disciplinarization of sciences forms a multiplicity of interpretations of terms. This situation suits specialists in the chosen field of science, but it creates obstacles for those who chose their way into the field of generalized ideas about the world order.

It is useful to remember that the sciences have an empirical origin to understand problems on the path of knowledge. The disciplinarization of sciences forms a sectoral vision of the world order. As a factor, which preempts further discretization of scientific knowledge, there is the cultivation of ontogenetic thinking in education and, in particular, in the development of dictionaries of a new type –«conceptaries»

Conceptary is a collection of concepts. Each element of such collection contains the name of the concept and its three-criteria ontogenetic definition [1]. The conceptual and structural peculiarity of such definition is the obligatory indication of the three attributes of the concept being defined: generic belonging, specific differences and signs of origin.

There are several examples of elements of the conceptary: an axiom is a judgment accepted by the scientific community for the initial one in the construction of a theory; infinity is a property of three-dimensionality expressed in the absence of an end; existence is the result of perception of the external world including the sensible world (material reality) and the spiritual world (ideal reality); matter is a form of sensory perception by the individual of the surrounding world, based on the concept of mass density.


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