Communication of the technique of teaching mathematics, planning of educational process and substantial planning of training for foreign students at the pre-university grade level

Kurysheva L.O.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, faculty of Russian and general education disciplines, department of mathematics and informatics, Russia, 117437, Ostrovityanov St., 25, building 1, quarter 15, Ph.: 8(916)688-84-96, E-mail:

The foundation of high-quality training of the foreign expert is laid at a stage of additional preparation at the pre-university level of training.

Exactly here we try to eliminate, as a rule, insufficiency of the previous secondary education, to bring knowledge of pupils into accord with standards of the Russian senior secondary education giving access to the higher education.

The teachers providing pre-university training of foreign experts are well familiar with various national educational systems that allows to develop appropriate programs and to find a technique of elimination of gaps in knowledge of pupils of these or those sections of general education objects. As a result graduates of preparatory faculties upon transition to the main faculties of the Russian higher education institutions are capable to acquire successfully materials according to the training program of specialty.

The mass of the young people participating in the international educational exchanges carry out the educational, scientific or professional activity in the conditions different from conditions of their own countries. Responsibility of the Russian higher school first of all before foreign students, for adequacy of the education got by them to the stated standards increases. In this regard a bigger value is gained by the system of additional (pre-university) education of foreign citizens. Such system exists practically in all countries operating in education market.

Except Russian the system of pre-university education in Russia includes a number of the objects corresponding to a profile of future specialty of the student - technical, natural-science, medicobiological, economic, humanitarian. Studying of these objects helps to level an imbalance of levels of secondary education in Russia and the countries of reception that as a result provides access for foreigners to the Russian higher education.

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