On the idea of non-linearity in the discipline "Concepts of Modern Natural Science"

Golubeva O.N., Sidorov S.V.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

The discipline of the "Concept of Modern Natural Science" (CCE) is essentially the only one in the curricula of humanitarian specialties, which gives future specialists an adequate idea of ​​the world around them. Under the humanities, it is necessary to understand a wide circle of specialists whose curricula do not include natural sciences. These are specialists in the social and humanitarian field, biologists and doctors, geologists and agrarians, economists and sociologists, and many other specialties whose representatives are deprived of the opportunity to study the natural sciences extensively.

No matter how much we do not detract from the substantive side of the set of KSE benefits, we note that very little attention is paid to the idea of ​​nonlinearity. Today we can confidently assert that nonlinearity manifests itself in everything: in the interconnection of the simple and complex, large and small, in the phenomena of the fleeting and lasting order of the time of existence of the universe, in order-chaos and chaos-order transitions, etc. Thus, nonlinearity is not only a mathematical category, but the ubiquitous, universal, fundamental and main property of nature, a property of the world, which we do not pay due attention to when preparing young people within the walls of universities.

It should be noted that many of the nonlinear processes and phenomena can be described successfully and in detail within the framework of separate special educational disciplines such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, oceanology, physiology, biology, and we do not exclude the fact that individual nonlinear phenomena should be locally studied in various educational disciplines depending on the specific educational program. However, in this way, there will not be formed a single holistic view of nonlinearity, as a universal property of the world of the scale of the worldview paradigm. Adequate notions of nonlinearity as a universal category of nature as a central natural science idea cementing an array of different concepts can be formed only within the framework of the CCE discipline because of its interdisciplinary nature and breadth of subject matter.

In connection with this, the problem of nonlinearity must be paid special attention, while making the necessary accents in the relevant sections and raising its status to the level of the leading natural science concept.

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