Mathematical Statistics in the Medical University

Parfenov A.S., Berezina E.V., Ratyni A.I.

Ivanovo State Medical Academy, Sheremetevsky Street, 8, Ivanovo, 153012, Russia,

Mathematical statistics are important for future physicians, since the transition to evidence-based medicine urgently requires quite a broad outlook in this field and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. During statistics classes the teachers of our department do their best to teach students to represent the sample in a way convenient for research, to perform a primary analysis with the calculation of its parameters, to determine point and interval estimates of the parameters of the general totality, to test some hypotheses. All these manipulations are carried out by self-calculation according to formulas, using only calculators for calculations. Such an approach is useful for the first acquaintance and understanding of the essence of laws and formulas. At the same time, for practical work with experimental data it is necessary to be able to use computer programs for the statistical processing and analysis of the data. However, it is currently impossible to teach this students during classroom studies because of lack of time as well as because of the lack of computers in our classrooms. Therefore, we tried to work out a different approach to the problem. Most of our students have their own computers and laptops. A lot of statistical programs are available for general use. Therefore, it is realistic to be able to solve the task developed in the classroom with a computer program as an additional homework. In the current academic year, we began an experiment to introduce this idea. For work it is offered to use, for example, MS Office Excel, LibreOffice Calc, R and other statistical software packages. We don’t require mandatory work with this task, but for its successful implementation we add points to the rating. The educational experiment is continuing, and upon its completion, the results will be evaluated, correction and refinement of this approach will be made.

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