System for testing work skills in Unix-like systems

Sokolov I.A.

141980, Dubna, Moscow Region, st. Joliot-Curie, 6, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Laboratory of Information Technologies.

The work presents the software implementation of the valuation system of knowledge and working skills of students in Unix-like operating systems. The main purpose of this system is to help in assessing the current skills and knowledge of students in a limited time, as well as checking the ability of students to learn new tools. Use of cloud technologies on the base of the JINR cloud service allowed to implement the automatic scaling of the system depending on current needs. The paper presents the main provisions of the developed system, describes its structure and scheme of interaction of the system with the user.

The resulting system allows testing practical skills of working with Linux command line: knowledge of the basic commands and the ability to choose them most suitable tools. This system was successfully tested by senior students of State University "Dubna", the results of testing are also presented in the work. The idea of using such a system was highly appreciated by both students and teachers.

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