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XVII conference

Problems jf the enabling the rural school in innonacial development

Prygunkova O.I.

Russia, 397495, Voronezh reg, Talovskiy dist, Elanka, secondary school

1 pp. (accepted)

They are considered place, possibility and restrictions of the rural school when turning on innovacial way of the development [1-3]. Stand out two priority problems:

1. development beside teachers and administrations of the school innovacial thinkings;

2. changes to managerial system by rural school with account of its particularities.

The Main attention is spared dug the director, shaping the command, capable to solve the innovacial problems and practical example.


1. Novikov D.A. Introduction to theory of management educational systems. M.: Egves. 2009.

2. Tretiyakov P.I. School Management on result. M.: New school, 2007.

3. Kotelinikov V.YU. Strategic management for epoch of the rapid transits, moved innovacial. M.: EKSMO, 2007.

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